little taiyaki

Len • 24 • they / them


My name is Len, but I'm fine with going by Taiyaki as well. I like to play video games, read (books, manga, fanfiction, nutrition facts, etc.), make OCs, chill with the homies, and sometimes I even draw.

Outside of hobbies, I'm a Graphic Design Dropout (if this Carrd layout is any indication of that lol) and I have a BA in Psychology.

On top of all that, I'm hopelessly infatuated with cowboys, Gaius Fire Emblem, and nearly anything relating to Final Fantasy XIV and XV.


Commission information is posted in the links below; feel free to contact me on whichever website you are most comfortable using.
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I float around on so many platforms, it's kind of hard to keep track! Luckily, I try to use the same or similar usernames everywhere I go. All these buttons lead to me in case you'd like to follow me--or block me, the choice is yours.
If you need to contact me, Twitter is where I am most active and most likely to see your message within 24 hours.